Admission Criteria and Process.

All applications should be made in writing to:


Piece of Minds School Of Clinical Hypnotherapy

c/o Chesterford House

Brigg Road,


North Lincolnshire

DN20 8RD


Piece of Minds School Of Clinical Hypnotherapy welcomes difference and diversity among its participants and seeks to help each one to flourish personally and practically through its course. Admission is governed by two deciding principles:

The applicant’s ability to benefit from the course

Fair and equal treatment policy for all applicants


The School is responsible for:

Considering each application solely on its merits in relation to commitment, life experience, suitability to work with vulnerable clients, without any form of discrimination

Responding promptly and clearly to all applications in 14 working days by e-mail or post. This may also include discussing your application with you via the telephone

Treating all provided information as confidential

Providing clear outlines of all tutors CV’s who applicants come into contact with


The applicant is responsible for:

Completing the application form honestly

Completing the application fully

Giving a relevant prior hypnosis experience statement

Declaring any disability that would need the School to provide support and specific needs to you

Disclose any criminal convictions

Adhere to the Schools ethos of respect and professionalism during and after the course including confidentiality


Places on each course are limited as we operate in small groups only to enable all our participants to work closely with our tutors. The benefit of working alongside our tutors is to allow you to perfect your technique each month and therefore gain confidence and personal enrichment. A deposit of £100 is payable with the application and this will be returned if your application is unsuccessful. All Cheques to be addressed to Susan Lawrence. The cost of training is £300 per module and this is payable on the day.


The School reserves the right to terminate any participant on the course or after graduating who fails to show satisfactory use of their skills, non payment of fees, engages in unlawful conduct or any activity that would discredit our School or Hypnotherapy as a whole or malicious violation of another participant’s confidentiality.