Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Course Content

There are eight modules to study and each module is studied over one weekend per month. During this time you will build up your own portfolio which will provide you with reference material to review and develop during the course and beyond. Students must attend ALL eight weekends to complete the course and pass all assignments to qualify as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Understanding each module is essential to practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and you will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge by completing written coursework, which is supported by research using journals, books and internet sources. You will also be expected to practice the techniques from each module (and only those you have been taught) on willing family or friends.


The cost of the each weekend is £200 payable prior to commencement of each module and this includes light lunch and refreshments, with a guarantee of no hidden costs.

There is a minimum of 450 hours of study time required by the General Hypnotherapy Register to validate your qualification. This is divided over a number of activities including classroom and instructor-led training, self-study, exercises and practice.


The course comprises the following breakdown of activities:

128 hours – classroom/instructor-led;

105 hours - reading time (equating to 3 hours per week);

105 hours - completing coursework;

105 hours – practicing your techniques;

105 hours - research.


The nominal study time to complete the course is therefore 548 hours. This is supplemented with on-going support, supervision and attendance at Peer Group meetings.

Handouts and supporting material will be provided during each session. The material includes practical hints and tips as well as providing the text supporting each module. The material builds into a comprehensive primer in hypnotherapy over the duration of the course, while providing you with essential reference material. A reading list is also provided in support of the core material.


Each month you will be set a simple test to assess your understanding of the overall principles and process from the previous month. All coursework is marked and must be passed in order to complete the overall course. It is important for students to attend each weekend, as the each module builds on the methods and techniques introduced in previous sessions.

Training is provided in an informal setting with plenty of one-to-one support and guidance from other qualified and experienced hypnotherapists as well as the instructors. To get the best from the course, it is important to understand that all participants on the course must be respectful to each other, as group work and interaction is an integral and essential element during the whole course. Each training day starts at 9.00am and normally finished at 5.30pm, with breaks for refreshments and lunch.


The course is carefully structured to ensure that you are taken step by step, from the basics of hypnosis to through to advanced therapy regimes. While the course clearly focuses on Clinical Hypnosis, a range of other techniques are introduced, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), etc., to aid your understanding of contemporary therapy methods. Given the time available, we will not provide comprehensive training in these areas, but we will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to explore these specialist areas in more detail if you wish. Our tutors can also provide guidance on other providers who can provide specialist training in these areas, leading to formal qualification.


An outline of each module is provided on the syllabus page, including a listing of the various principles and techniques that are introduced at each stage in the training.