Why Choose To Be A Clinical Hypnotherapist?


Many people spend their lives helping others to improve their health and wellbeing. Such people can be professionals such as Counsellors, Cognitive Behaviour Therapists, Doctors, Nurses or they can simply be ordinary people who enjoy supporting, helping and caring for people like family, friends and neighbours. Being a Clinical Hypnotherapist does not require you to be academic but someone who has a genuine interest in hypnosis and can see its value in providing a personal care package to each client.


Obviously this person needs to have certain qualities such as:

being able to communicate effectively and build rapport with people, integrity, good listener, being understanding, being organised and finally basic knowledge of IT and book keeping skills. However, as a Clinical Hypnotherapist you are expected to be professional and to maintain a high standard in your practice. This includes on-going supervision and Continued Professional Development (CPD) by attending a Peer group, having individual Supervision Practice or doing further workshops or training. This will ultimately not only improve your knowledge, performance and confidence levels but enable you to create better results in therapy sessions and also in areas of your own life that may need improving.


Imagine being able to help someone to overcome a real phobia such as spiders, play better golf, sleep after a long time suffering with insomnia etc and the immense satisfaction and pride you feel as they leave your room empowered knowing that the past is behind them and the future has just begun.. it’s magical and that’s how all hypnotherapists feel when their client has took control back of their life whatever their treatment was for.


Hypnotherapy has been promoted well in the media lately and this has had a positive effect on the number of people actively seeking our services. It also creates public confidence and gives us professional credibility. Part of the course is about setting up your business once you are qualified, in fact you will start to plan and organise this quite early on in the modules.


Hypnotherapy can be practiced either full or part time and you can be as flexible as you wish with your diary. The premises from where you will work may vary from the location of your own home, in a therapy centre, GP surgery or in a mixture of these but it is important to bear in mind that wherever you practice it needs to be a quiet, calm ambient setting for the comfort of your clients. Setting up can be relatively low in cost compared to other professions and almost risk free, as you only need a small amount of clients to cover your initial outlay of funds. You will only need to consider professional membership to the GHR, insurance cover, basic pieces of equipment and marketing materials at the onset and this in fact is extremely reasonable then later develop your approach when you are ready to do so. So if you are ready for a new interesting challenge and feel you have the necessary qualities, then why not take the next step and either contact us for more information or complete the application form and


Together we can make a difference and help people live a more fulfilled life’